Friday, October 4, 1996

Three Card Monte

Three Card Monte
(a rookie error)

Of course you see
the pitches are tempting,
but you've been scouting,
Waiting, watching,
Eyeing the field.
Strong and sure
You step up to bat.

This is the Bigs,
Hardball the game.
Bets are on,
The action,
And the odds,
Never even.

There's your enemy,
The pitcher on high,
Home on his mound
With his supporting team.
You, wood in hand,
stand alone.
No hope of relief.

He watches the signs,
Takes you in.
Then Stretches,
And languidly steps in.
The wind up, like Tai-Chi movement,
Native dance in crescendo,
A leopard in motion,
stills the air, mesmerizes.
The crowd leans with you.

Come on now boy,
Be ready. Stand firm.
We're counting on you.
Beware the curve ball.
Now don't get caught watching,
He'll slide one by?

Yes, be ready, stand tall,
For many a mighty Casey with ego in hand
Has stood where you are now,
Daring to play ball,
And with equal dismay
Has paid the price,
Learned to rue the day
Fell prey to the heist.