Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Zen in the Art of Mercedes Maintenance

Dear Friends and Family,

I've spoken to some of you already about this, but to others this may come as a surprise. For a while now I have been contemplating making a change, a career change. It's something that has been building for a while, and finally I made the big leap. I've decided to get leave the rat race of physical theater. I've got a great new job working for Mercedes-Benz USA. They're great cars and it's a great group of people.

Take a look at the images and it will give you an idea.

Unfortunately, I can't get you any retail discounts, but in a couple of years I will probably be able to get you some deals on service and maintenance.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well, and I'll look forward to hearing from you.


From the Heart,

Kevin Lapin
"Appreciate mags in all their forms."
"Grease is good!"