Saturday, June 6, 1998



Michelle, my shell
my conch
I hear the sea
slipping through your whispery lips,
waves of softening sound
undulating over the crests
and the troughs of your skin.
Your alluring humidity
utterly delicious
right down to your foamy
crushing mound.

You lay
under the moon
drawing you to me
waves of emotion wash over me
mounting and receding
swelling and sinking;
drinking from
your lips,

We frollick
and thrash
and pound
and polish
until there is nothing left
but a saltbed tideline of our love.

Michelle, my shell
my conch
I hear your calls
ringing from your unadorned
and alabaster ears
coddled and cockled,
labial folds of skin
spiralling into night.

I find my echo
in those pearls
I find my own loneliness
and strength
and determination
curling into the walls
of your inner most
Michelle ears.

Michelle, ma belle
let us be old
and young
and forever.
Let us be free
and savor life;
committing to each moment
and to each other,
each hello
each goodbye
each bitter-sweet parting
and forever rejoining.

Michelle, my shell
my conch
How I can float by you,
in your suits and booties
dark and sweet, like the coffee you drink.

You were a gentle and bright eyed
tyrant to see
How dare I
the soft world you held,
tending patiently
inside your baby wiped shell.

I want to hold and coddle you
and know you perfectly;
know your secret grottos
of desire
and passion
of love
and life.
Michelle let me hold thee free.

I want to peel away
your shells Michelle.
My shell,
my me.
And your shell Michelle
silently to see,
to see what we can see.

Come let us see
see what shells we can shed
and set a sullen drift
undressed in the bed,
Michelle O sully vain
just you and me.

A great drifting sea
Michelle, my shell
just you and me.

Where are you taking me
Michelle, my shell?
We’ll just wait and see.

We’ll see what's to see
beyond the shell of your shell, Michelle
just you and me.

Michelle my me
Just you shall see
Just you Michelle
Just you and me.