Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mad Maths - Press and Reviews

A wacky, absurd and lyrical presentation on that most hilarious of subjects: mathematics!

An exponential success (over 300 performances and counting!) in schools, theaters, festivals and even several closets across France, “Mad Maths” has been curing audiences of their mathematitis since 2003!

Mr. X and Mr. Y, a duo of seriously screwy professors, rigorously explain to you their erudite theories on zero, infinity, PVC pipes and the importance of the zebra in numeration.

A show for the math traumatized, flunk-outs and fanatics…

“Mission accomplished for “Mad Maths”, an unpretentious and screwball UFO of a show with a contagious good mood: to get you to laugh intelligently by exploiting to the nth degree all the mathematical possibilities of a science little reputed for its hilarious functions.”

“This duo demonstrates that our system of numbering is more than anything a cultural one. Translating any number, even negative, into animal noises. Revealing a richness to the mathematical language that even Raymond Devos, Vincent Roca or Monty Python couldn’t deny. All that with a rigor which is as strict as it is hilarious.”

“We’re betting that the originality, humor and even the poetry of their show will reconcile more than one person with this science that has suddenly become fun.”
--May 20, 2005 edition of ‘Le Parisien’ (one of the main Paris daily papers)

“An original and intelligent play… and funny to boot, from which you leave convinced that math can be funny!”
--from the monthly scientific magazine ‘Tangente’

“A successful marriage carried off by two masterful actors who embark us into their world: mathematics.”
--website of the Paris public school system (l'Académie de Paris)

“A show that is both whacky and well constructed which proves that laughter can be an outlet and component of the pleasure of learning math.”
--Annie Cérésuela, cultural attaché of the Créteil educational authority (Action Culturelle du Rectorat de Créteil)

“You succeeding in mixing the magic and poetry of theater with the rigor and precision of mathematics.”
--J.D. Brulois, Assistant Principal of the P. Doumer high-school in Le Perreux sur Marne

“In the guise of Mr. X and Mr. Y, two straight-laced mathematicians who might have been sniffing some equations before getting on stage, this duo, founders of the company Sous un autre Angle, will have you reviewing the history of numeration and will introduce you to the poetry of curves. Through demonstrations which seem completely absurd, yet which remain completely logical, sound effects and gesticulations evoking the pain of the dunce faced with a sine wave, or scenes which underline the importance of numbers in everyday conversations.

“Overflowing with humor, inventive, surprising and intelligent, this show doesn’t forget to play with the audience, stand-up style. All for the purpose of convincing you that math can be a fun and even moving subject.”
--Fabien Maréchal – May 10, 2005 - Annu: Art; Arts, artistes et actualité (webzine)

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