Friday, November 21, 2008

An open letter to my Health Care Administrator

Dear Health Care Administrator(s),

The time is now for change. You've heard the bells tolling, and I dare say that meaningful health care reform in our country means that it tolls for thee. No man or woman or CEO needs to earn millions of dollars selling a basic human need and right like health care and we all have a pre-existing condition that makes us a future health risk, it's called being human. So let us no longer be the only civilized and rich country that does not provide and guarantee basic rights such as health care to its citizens, to all of its citizens. I believe the time is now for the health care industry (including pharmaceutical companies) to become part of the solution or be prepared to look for another job.

Kevin Lapin

PS Please don't try and lobby or false advertise your way out of this, I've lived in France and had a knee operation there and it was great. So I'm not buying it.

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